1. I accept that there will be body contact during Ninjitsu training.
  2. Dojo discipline must be respected at all times.
  3. No smoking in the training halls. Members are requested to please ask their visitors to respect this rule.
  4. No jewellery, watches or sharp objects may be worn whilst partaking in a training session.
  5. Students must never belittle or run down any other martial art or any other dojo, student or instructor.
  6. No Student or instructor may at any time discuss the techniques or teach the Federation training methods without the Chairman’s consent.
  7. Members will greet when entering and leaving the dojo.
  8. No member will engage in any sparring or free fighting in the dojo without the attention of an instructor.
  9. Students will not be allowed to grade to a higher level if he/she has not attended a minimum of 30 hours of a specific Kyu syllabus.
  10. Any student absent for longer than 3 months without a valid reason or prior arrangement will have to re-affiliate to the SANF.