Tuition payments of R 550.00 are payable on a monthly, in advance, basis directly to your chief instructor and must be paid by the 7th of each month. If terms are not met, a penalty of R50.00 will come into effect.

These tuition fees are payable each and every month, this includes the months a member goes on holiday, misses classes or when the Dojo closes on public holidays, a penalty of R50.00 will be imposed on late payments. Payments are strictly cash, no cheques please.

And amount of R550.00 becomes payable over 4 months (R 137.50) or 6 months (R 91.90). This registers the student and he/she receives an affiliation number. Depending on payments made the student will receive pro-rata a Membership Certificate, T-Shirt, Sweat Shirt, Belt, Pants and cap (SANF uniform) sponsored by the SANF, after the successful completion of the 9th Kyu
Whenever a student grades to a higher level a grading fee or R 300.00 is payable to the Federation. The student will in turn receive an internationally recognised certificate signed by the Head of Training and the Chief instructor ratifies their Kyu level.